From the solicitation: The new volume of the Eisner Award-winning MOUSE GUARD series continues! Celanawe, honor bound by his loyalty to his Guard Matriarch, accompanies Em, his only living relative to Port Sumac. There they find a mouse just brave or crazy enough to take them across the sea and beyond the record of any [...]

From the press release: ARCHAIA ITEMS SHIPPING IN NOVEMBER 2010 FRAGGLE ROCK VOL. 2 #1 (OF 3) CYCLOPS #1 (OF 8 ) DAYS MISSING: KESTUS #3 (OF 5) MOUSE GUARD: THE BLACK AXE #2 (OF 6) LUCID #4 (OF 4) RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN Original Graphic Novel Hardcover KILLING PICKMAN Collected Edition Hardcover OFFERING [...]