Cy Dethan, British comic writer, and creator of Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth, has revealed details on the follow-up to last year’s surprise indy hit -  Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours. He has announced that Stephen Downey won’t be available to illustrate the second volume, but they have a new artist, Graeme Howard, who has been hand-picked by [...]

The Dark is a graphic novel from AAM Markosia, which is written by Chris Lynch, with artwork, colouring, and lettering by Rick Lundeen. I have previously reviewed the first chapter of the book, which was released online last year, but now I plan to review the full graphic novel. To see my interviewing with The [...]

Coming this November - The first graphical ‘sequel’ to Dracula ever to be endorsed by a member of the Stoker family! Six months after Dracula dies, A ghostly vision informs the Harkers that their work is not yet done - and the Count’s last surviving bride returns to London to gain revenge - and use [...]

I recently posted the the press release and linked to an 8-page preview of this upcoming sci-fi comic book from Markosia, written by Chris Lynch and illustrated by Rick Lundeen. Markosia have just sent me over this awesome Youtube trailer for issue #1, which looks amazing! I promise to have an advance review up this [...]