When I first saw images from the Upcoming Green Lantern movie, one of the things that worried me most was Hal’s rather dodgy looking CG suit. Thankfully it looks like there has been quite a lot of refinement done to the CG used to bring the suit to life, and these latest promo images make [...]

Over on his Flickr page, Brain Wood has posted three screenshots of Beck Cloonan’s artwork from the first issue of Demo Volume 2, titled ‘The Waking Life of Angels‘. I’m a huge fan of both Brian and Becky’s work, and loved the original Demo series. I put Demo II on my list of The Essential [...]

Earlier this week we treated you too the first official Iron Man 2 poster, and a set of all-new screen shots from the movie.  Now, just a a couple of days later, Marvel.com have just revealed two international versions of the Iron Man 2 poster. The poster is pretty basic looking compared to the domestic [...]