This hit the web on Sunday, so you may have already seen it:

‘Four Color Memories’ by K. Patrick Glover K. Patrick Glover is the writer of the webcomic The Invisible Skein, which is illustrated by Amanda Hayes. ‘Four Color Memories’ is a column about the comics of our youth, full of nostalgia for the days when heroes were heroes and villains were villains, before the Avengers were [...]

Sourced from The Hollywood Reporter: the first official Iron Man 2 Trailer I’m not even going to say anything, because everyone has hit ‘play’ by now anyway Click here for more Iron Man 2 images and promo material

Earlier this week we treated you too the first official Iron Man 2 poster, and a set of all-new screen shots from the movie.  Now, just a a couple of days later, have just revealed two international versions of the Iron Man 2 poster. The poster is pretty basic looking compared to the domestic [...]

Hot on the heels of the first official Iron Man 2 poster, Paramount have released a bunch of new screenshots from the upcoming movie. The new images include: a shot of Scarlett Johansson looking breathtakingly beautiful as Black Widow; two new shots of  Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark; and one shot of Mickey Rourke [...]