Yesterday, 44 new image were added to the IMDB page for X-Men: First Class, before being removed shortly afterwards. This led fans to speculate that they may be stills from an early cut of the movie. well, the internet being what it is, someone saved copies of the images before they were removed, and they [...]

When I first saw images from the Upcoming Green Lantern movie, one of the things that worried me most was Hal’s rather dodgy looking CG suit. Thankfully it looks like there has been quite a lot of refinement done to the CG used to bring the suit to life, and these latest promo images make [...]

Well, it seems like a big week for Marvel movie images, with a shot of Chris Evans in Captain America costume released earlier this week, as well as the first official photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man released. Now has a new image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor from the upcoming movie adaption of [...]