Taco Bell Gives Away Marvel Comics with Their Kids’ Meals


Thanks to the  fine folks over at Robot 6 , I just discovered that Taco Bell and Marvel announced this week that for a limited time , the fast-food chain’s kids’ meals would come with one of four Marvel  comic books: The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Invincible Iron Man, or X-Men. According to Marvel, each book includes an 11-page story with a one-page Mini-Marvels backup story. Each cover is a reprint from an existing Marvel title.

I’ve only eaten at Taco Bell once, and it’s not an experience that I wish to repeat any time soon. However, I echo the Robot 6 guys’ sentiment that some of these comics look like they might be worth braving the terrible food for. I’d be particularly interested in reading Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener‘s take on Iron-Man! Speaking of whom, go and buy Atomic Robo, it’s awesome!

They don’t mention when the promo is supposed to launch, but Taco Bell have already added a promo graphic to their website, so it may well be going on right now.


11-page story:
· Writer: Alex Zalben
· Artist: Tom Grummett
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Roger Cruz, a reprint from Uncanny X-Men First Class #5

Fantastic Four

11-page story:
· Writer: Paul Tobin
· Artist: Craig Rousseau
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Steve McNiven, reprint from Marvel Knights 4 #1.

Invincible Iron Man

from Taco Bell’s Iron Man comic

11-page story:
· Writer: Brian Clevinger
· Artist: Scott Wegener
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Brandon Peterson, reprint from Invincible Iron Man #2


11-page story:
· Writer: Joe Caramagna
· Artist: Derec Donovan
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Scott Kolins, reprint from Marvel Team-Up #4

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