From the solicitation: FEAR ITSELF Crashes The Raft In The NOW Juggernaut-sized THUNDERBOLTS #159! Marvel is pleased to announce that Thunderbolts #159 now features twice the amount of all-new story pages full of explosive clashes that fans can’t get enough of! The chaos of Fear Itself strikes Thunderbolts Headquarters as the Juggernaut is deemed Worthy [...]

28 Days of Later #1 is a brand new, all original comic book based on the plot of the popular movie of the same name. This comic is not an adaptation of the hit horror movie, but instead will bridge the gap between 28 Days Later, and its sequel 28 Weeks Later. The comic is [...]

I just got sent over a press release from BOOM! Studios containing a five page preview of their upcoming 28 Days Later mini series, including the artwork for all four variant covers. I am usually a bit hesitant about licensed material, and I’ll admit I am a bit of a snob in that respect, but [...]