I spent the bulk of the evening redesigning the web site. I made a new banner for the top in photoshop, and then spent an insane amount of time rearranging the page elements in Blogger’s extremely clunky and user-unfriendly HTML editor. Blogger’s HTML really makes very little sense, so you have to put yourself in the mindset [...]

My wonderful wife surprised me on Saturday by baking me a lovely Birthday cake! [UPDATE: I forgot to mention, the cake also tasted brilliant. My wife is a top-class baker. It was a lemon cake, with lemon butter cream and lemon curd, wrapped in fondant icing, with green sprinkles on to make it look like [...]

OK, It looks like the comic shop is off for the day, so I’ll get down tomorrow and post a few reviews in the evening. Basically, I’ve had a bastard of a week with: cycling 30km to work, working 8 hours, cycling 30 km back, having a shower, going out with our realtor for 4 [...]

Well, it seems that the most interesting thing that I have done all year happened last week, and I didn’t blog about it. If you don’t blog about it, then what’s the point in doing anything I thought I would lay out the whole residency thing, just so people know what a complete pain it [...]