Five Great Reasons to Buy 2000 AD Prog 1680. Also, I’m in it!


That last is probably the worst reason to pick up this week’s issue of 2000 AD, to be honest. Why do I say that? Because the level of talent involved in this week’s issue is so immense, that highlighting my little article is like trying to focus on a single lit candle, in the midst of a city that is engulfed in flames!

OK, I love my hyperbole, but seriously, this has to be one of the best progs that I’ve read in years! The current line-up of stories is a fantastic demonstration of the wide variety of genres that 2000 AD is capable of. You’ve got sci-fi, action/adventure, horror, comedy, drama, and even romance! No other comic could pull off such a wide breath of styles, without sacrificing story quality - and that’s definitely not the case here. I’d definitely give ever story in this week’s prog a 10 out of 10 for both writing and art!

The prog opens with another great chapter of Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty, by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil, which sees Wagner pulling his ongoing PJ Maybe storyline into the events of ‘Tour of Duty’, to stunning effect!

Then Al Ewing takes us into deep space, with the tense horror of Damnation Station, which is brought to life by Simon Davis‘ beautiful and bizarre artwork.

From deep space we are transported to the old west, in the the Gothic gunslinger story of The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azreal (and the Dead Left in His Wake), a fantastic new thrill by Rob Williams, which is illustrated in breathtakingly unique fashion by Dom Reardon!

Then we’re back in the hands of Al Ewing, who spoils us with another twisted installment of Zombo’s Eleven, being the funniest and most interesting spin on a zombie story that you’ve ever witnessed. Henry Flint is responsible for realizing Ewing’s horrific vision, and it’s some of his best work to date; I’m really torn between whether I prefer his work on this or Shakara, as they are both so mind-bogglingly gorgeous!

The prog closes with another great installment of Robbie Morrison‘s Magnum Opus, Nikolai Dante. I have to admit, that Dante did flounder there for a bit, but this last year or so of stories have been building towards a grand finale, and Morrison has been delivering some of the best episodes since the strip started. I can’t wait to see how it all ends! Simon Fraser is back on board for this important chapter in Date’s story, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do love John Burns’ artwork, but Fraser’s artwork just seems to fit the story so perfectly!

So there you have it, five great reasons to pick up 2000 AD prog 1680. It’ll be the best £2.00 that you’ve ever spent in your life! You live in the US, you say? That’s no damn excuse! Tell your comic store to order the 2000 AD monthly packs in for you, and if they refuse, tell them that Tharg has a Rigellian Hotshot with their name on it!

When you’ve finished reading the stories inside, please spare a moment to read my little ‘Behind the Thrills‘ featurette on The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azreal (and the Dead Left in His Wake). It’s got interview contributions from Rob Williams himself! If you like it, please let Tharg know that you would like to see more… please! I was happy to see that someone on the 2000 AD forums actually liked it, and people on forums are usually the harshest of critics, so big thanks to them!

Anyway, what are you reading this for? Get out there and grab a copy of 2000 AD!

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