SPX 2011 Adds Johnny Ryan, Chester Brown, and More!


So… who wants to pay for me to go to SPX 2011?? Here’s their latest guest-list update:

IN addition to the previously announced Roz Chast, Ann Telnaes, Jim Woodring and Jim Rugg SPX would like to officially welcome the following guests for the 2011 show:

Craig Thompson- His new book Habibi will be out on September 20, his first in like 6 years. Has not been to an SPX in like this century, so glad he could make it!!

Diane Noomin- One of the original women cartoonists from the Underground comix days. Her new book, Glitz-2-Go is being published by Fantagraphics will be out in time for the show.

Chester Brown- I loved Louis Riel and cannot wait to see Paying For It. But as it is with Mr. Thompson, he has not been to SPX in a long time and glad he is coming back.

Johnny Ryan - Mr. Ryan has not been with us at SPX since the late 20th Century and he’ll have another Angry Youth compendeum out in time for this years show.

Matthew Thurber - We’re delighted to have Matthew doing the art for our badges this year.  Be sure to stop by the Picturebox table to get him to autograph his 1-800-MICE comics.

Jay Stephens - The first Emmy Award winner to appear as a guest at SPX as far as we know. He has an anthology of his Oddville comics on tap that will be at this years show.

Is that stacked… or what?

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