Advance Preview: Take a Joke by Johnny Ryan


Fantagraphics have released a 14-page preview of Take a Joke, being the third volume of the collected edition of Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix, as well as containing a number of his strips for Vice magazine.

Johnny is the greatest alternative cartoonist of this generation, and every self-respecting comics fan should have a copy of Angry Youth Comix in her/her collection! With strips like “100% Anal Rape” and “Erotic Art Collecting Squirrel”, this book will offend you, it will insult your sensibilities, but above all, it will make you laugh out loud like a buffoon!

Just to be clear, this preview is not safe for work, in fact it’s probably not safe for home. Don’t download it if you have delicate sensibilities, i.e. you are lame!

Check out the details and preview below:

Take a Joke: Vol. 3 of the Collected Angry Youth Comix
by Johnny Ryan

128-page black & white/color 7″ x 10″ softcover • $18.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-464-1

Ships in: May 2011 (subject to change)

Pre-order from Fantagraphics or Pre-order from

Johnny Ryan’s transgressive masterpiece Prison Pit has been the talk of altcomics circles since its debut in the summer of 2009. But before Prison Pit, Ryan garnered a considerable following via his one-man humor anthology (which doubled as a one-man War Against Political Correctness), Angry Youth Comix. Take a Joke collects many of the best stories from this inimitable series as well as many strips created for the wildly-popular Vice magazine, to which Ryan has contributed for years.

Unlike Ryan’s previous collections, which focused on very short stories, Take a Joke spotlights several of the artist’s longest humor pieces to date, notably: “Graveyard Goofs,” in which Ryan’s hapless antiheroes Sinus O’Gynus and Loady McGee exhume the corpse of the recently-deceased Santa Claus as part of a Top Secret experiment, fantasize an orgy with a collection of anthropomorphic condiment bottles (resulting in an unwanted pregnancy), and end up in Hell; “Boobs Pooter’s Jokepocalypse,” starring a coprophiliac version of Godzilla who destroys the world with hilarious jokes and crazy pranks; and “The World’s Funniest Joke,” a 24-page masterpiece that makes The Aristocrats look like a Nora Ephron film.

All this plus Cheesburg Chase, Omletta DuPont, “The Day The New Yorker Came to Town,” and a handy index to help you find things like “ass angels,” “s’mores crucifix” and “Yeti-tit earmuffs.”

Download an EXCLUSIVE 14-page PDF excerpt (1.9 MB) including the Table of Contents.

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