Drawn & Quarterly Teases Chester Brown’s Paying For it


This May, Drawn & Quarterly is set to publish Chester Brown‘s autobiographical defense of the profession of prostitution, Paying for it.

In the run up to publication, they will be posting a new page from the book each week until release. This week, they revealed the book’s dust jacket, and a blurb written by Neil Gaiman. They also announced that the book will have an introduction by R. Crumb, an excerpt from which they will post next week.

“I’ve loved Chester Brown’s work since the early days of Yummy Fur. He started out as a remarkable cartoonist telling strange stories that slowly became, over time, increasingly personal.

PAYING FOR IT is as personal as you can get. It’s a clear-eyed, not-even-slightly-erotic, compulsively readable, sometimes painfully honest account of his time, reasons and experiences paying for sex. I learned things about Chester from reading this, and I learned things about sex-workers, and about the world, and, oddly, I think I learned things about myself.

The argument about when or whether comics had grown up ended when people started making comics for grown-ups. This is one of them. PAYING FOR IT is the kind of book that will engage your mind and force you to think about things in ways you may never have done before. Chester would probably like that. And if you find yourself arguing with the page, or with the author’s notes, I think Chester would probably like that too.”

-Neil Gaiman


Paying For It

Chester Brown


May 2011

Chester Brown has never shied away from tackling controversial subjects in his work. As the cartoonist of the autobiographical The Playboy and the biography Louis Riel, Paying For It is a natural progression for Brown as it combines the personal and sexual aspects of his autobiographical work with the polemical drive of Louis Riel. Brown calmly lays out the facts of how he became not only a willing participant in but also a vocal proponent of one of the world’s most hot-button topics-prostitution. Paying For It offers an entirely contemporary exploration of sex work-from the timid john who rides his bike to meet his escorts, wonders how to tip so as not to offend, and reads Dan Savage for advice, to the modern-day transactions complete with online reviews, seemingly willing participants, and clean apartments devoid of cliches street corners, drugs, or primps.

Paying For It is a book that stands for itself and will be the most talked about graphic novel of 2011.

Hardcover, 5.5 x 7.5, Black & White, 272 pages

ISBN: 9781770460485

$24.95 US / $25.95 CDN

Pre-Order from Amazon.com for $14.18

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