Neal Adams to Illustrate Avengers #16.1 with Bendis


Just a quick piece of catch-up news here, as I know many people are likely too full of chocolate eggs to spend much time reading comic news. It looks like comic legend Neal Adams will be returning to Marvel’s Avengers comic, to illustrate a special ‘Point One’ issuse, written by Brian Michael Bendis.

“You want a real announcement? here’s a real announcement: NEW AVENGERS 16.1 me and LEGEND Neal Adams. The return of Osborn! BOOM!” Bendis announced on Friday afternoon, via his Twitter account.

This is pretty cool news for anyone who is a fan of Adams’ work on the classic “Kree-Skrull War” arc of The Avengers (#93-97). However, if anyone has real Adams’ recent work on Batman: Odyssey or Blood they will know that he’s kind of lost the plot a little bit, as far as his writing goes, and even his art is a bit hit-or-miss these days.

Oh well, here’s hoping it’s good!

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