Disney Channel Buys Neal Adams’ Ditz


The Hollywood Reporter has the story that Disney Channel has picked up the rights to an unpublished comic book character named Ditz, created by Neal Adams, and is in the early stages of development on a live-action TV series.

According to their article, Steve Marmel, is attached as showrunner, and is in the process of writing the script.

The concept centers on a teenager with a rookie mystical guardian who enables the girl to enter other people’s bodies and control them, helping the possessed with their problems. Doing so, however, leaves her body scatterbrained and functioning on its own, causing a host of side problems for when her spirit returns.

Weird! Is this the same Neal Adams, we’re talking about here. Doesn’t seem like his sort of thing. Oh well, if it’s anything like his Batman: Odyssey, it’s sure to be insane, and incredibly hard to follow!

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