Tons of Johnny Ryan’s Nickelodeon Artwork Featured in New Comixer iPad App!


Fans of Prison Pit may find it hard to believe, but cartoonist Johnny Ryan actually worked for the now defunct Nickelodeon Magazine for several years, frequently contributing  kid friendly gag cartoons to the publication. Well, if you missed out on this early work from Johnny, you’ve now got a second chance to see it, as Ryan has announced that he recently reunited with his former boss Chris Duffy,  to create the Comixer app for the iPad.

The app features nearly a hundred individual cartoon panels drawn and colored by Ryan, which kids can re-mix on the iPad to create any number of totally different cartoon stories. They’re pitching Comixer as a puzzle, game, and comic all in one. You can get more info from the iTunes store.

Makes me wish that I had an iPad! Hey, it’s my birthday in a couple of months, anyone want to buy me an iPad 2?

You can also purchase many of Johnny’s kid-friendly gag cartoons from Nickelodeon Magazine via the Comic Art Collective.

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