Peter S. Beagle Signing at Barnes & Noble in Emeryville, CA; March 29th


From the press release:

Calling all citizens of Emeryville, California!

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, award-winning author Peter S. Beagle will be hosting a signing for his New York Times best-selling graphic novel, THE LAST UNICORN. The event will be held at Barnes & Noble in Emeryville, CA at 7 PM.

See below for the exact details.

Who: Award-winning fantasy author PETER S. BEAGLE

What: Author event and signing with BEAGLE, celebrating the launch of New York Times best-selling THE LAST UNICORN graphic novel adaptation.

When: Tuesday, March 29th, 7 PM

WhereBarnes & Noble, 5604 Bay Street, Emeryville CA, 9468

Contact: For interviews and more information, please contact AnnaMaria White, 858.270.1315, ext 121 or [email protected]

Details: Award-winning fantasy author PETER S. BEAGLE will sign copies of the graphic novel adaptation of his beloved novel, THE LAST UNICORN at Barnes & Noble. The New York Times best-selling graphic novel tells BEAGLE’s captivating story of a single unicorn, who sets out on a journey to discover what happened to the rest of her kind. On her quest, the unicorn encounters an incredible cast of characters, including the malicious king, who has used his evil power to create a world transformed by the lack of unicorns.

THE LAST UNICORN novel was first published in 1968 and became an instant classic, selling more than five million copies worldwide. BEAGLE created some of the most delightful and real characters in modern fantasy fiction, and also wrote the screenplay for the incredibly popular animated film that was adapted from his novel.

THE LAST UNICORN graphic novel is written by PETER B. GILLIS with art by RENAE DE LIZ, and published by IDW Publishing.

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