Mark Andrew Smith for Launches Kickstarter for The New Brighton Archeological Society Book Two


Comic creator Mark Andrew Smith has launched a Kickstarter project, to help pay for coloring and lettering costs of the second volume of his and Matthew Weldon’s all-ages graphic novel series, The New Brighton Archeological Society.

As a strong proponent of creator-owned projects, I’m a big fan of using Kickstarter as a tool to spread the world about such projects, and help them get off the ground. I have personally help fund several such projects now, and even if I don’t have the cash to back a project, I at least like to help bring attention to it with a post on the site.

Somehow, it seems this project got past me though, as it’s been running for a while, and has already attained its goal of raising $6000. However, Smith states in the project’s blurb that it will cost a total of $8000 to pay for coloring and production costs, and don’t forget that Kickstater takes a cut out of all donations received, so really they need to raiser more than $8000 to cover all costs. In any case, there is still 74 days left till funding closes, and there are tons of great incentives to be had for your donation.

To find out more about the project, and to make a donation, head to

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