Jeff Smith’s RASL Heads to the Big Screen

0 is reporting that Wigram Productions has acquired rights to RASL, the black-and-white science fiction noir comic book series written and drawn by Jeff Smith.

Huge congratulations to Jeff! RASL is one of my absolute favourite comic books, and along with Terry Moore’s Echo, is one of the smartest sci-fi comics on the market!

Lionel Wigram, said he was tipped to the comic by colleague Peter Eskelsen and bought it with his own cash. “We’ll team with a writer and figure out how to adapt it to the screen and hopefully it will become a big movie franchise for Warner Bros.,” he said. ICM brokered the deal. Wigram will produce, and Eskelsen and Jeff Smith will be exec producers.

I’m always happy when one of my favourite comics gets optioned, especially a creator-owned property. However, there is that little part of me that hates it when something alternative that I love becomes all mainstream and popular Fingers crossed that they do a good job on the movie!

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