Geoffrey Rush to Voice Tomar-Re in the Green Lantern Movie


He may not be listed on the official cast list, but sources have informed that Geoffrey Rush is voicing the character of Tomar-Re in Warner Bros.’s upcoming Green Lantern movie!

No official announcement has been made about who will voice either Tomar-Re or Kiliwog in the movie, who are both CGI characters, but speculation about the voice of Kiliwog centers around Michael Clarke Duncan.

Apparently, WB will show footage from the movie at  CinemaCon in Las Vegas tomorrow, so let’s hope they release some more information then!

Green Lantern will hit screens on June 17th, 2011.

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  1. [...] have been circulating for a few weeks that the studio was eying Duncan for the role, although no offer had been made. [...]

  2. [...] for Kiliwog and Tomar Re, the movie’s CGI characters, which were only recently voiced. See here, and [...]

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