Warner Bros. have released a new Green Lantern trailer, and it makes the movie look *much* cooler than the previous trailers did! The previously dodgy looking CGI looks a hell of a lot better this time round, thank God! The trailer also features speaking parts for Kiliwog and Tomar Re, the movie’s CGI characters, which [...]

He may not be listed on the official cast list, but sources have informed Deadline.com that Geoffrey Rush is voicing the character of Tomar-Re in Warner Bros.’s upcoming Green Lantern movie! No official announcement has been made about who will voice either Tomar-Re or Kiliwog in the movie, who are both CGI characters, but speculation [...]

Over on DC’s The Source blog, they have just revealed details on DC Direct’s Green Lantern statues and movie prop replicas that will be available in June 2011. Find the details, below: GREEN LANTERN (MOVIE): HAL JORDAN MAQUETTE SCULPTED BY DAVE CORTES This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue of Hal Jordan and his lantern measures approximately [...]

Yesterday, we revealed that concept art had surfaced on the web from the upcoming Warner Bros. movie adaptation of  Green Lantern. These images showed mock-ups of what would appear to be Kilowog, Tomar Re, and Abin Sur (see here). Today, two new images have started appearing on various sites, showing what looks like concept art [...]

Slashfilm have posted what they believe to be concept art for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie adaptation of  Green Lantern. The images show concept designs for Kilowog, Tomar Re, and Abin Sur. The Kilowog images first appeared on Cosmic Book News, and the others came from the Green Lantern Corps. message board. These images aren’t [...]