Four Star Studios Announces DoubleFeature Digital Comics


Four Star Studios, a collective of comic creators including  Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Sean Dove, and Joshua Emmons, have announced that they will be launching a digital comic series called DoubleFeature.

Each issue of DoubleFeature is set to deliver two digitally short stories from established creators direct to your devices, for only 99¢. The first issue is set to be released in April, and will feature a new comic from Tim Seeley called Jack Kraken, and a new comic from Mike Norton called The Answer (a nice play on DC’s The Question).

They say that they have decided to launch the comic digital because while they love print, “printing (and the associated middlemen of storage and distribution) is expensive. And it’s story that suffers. The print business is a financial risk, so only super-safe bets get made. And super-safe comics are super-boring.” They go on to say that “by publishing digital-only, we can take greater risks and pass the savings (and convenience) on to you!”

They also say that “while DoubleFeature is an experiment in digital delivery, it’s not an experiment in content. Our stories are written and illustrated by top industry talent: Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Phil Hester, B. Clay Moore, Chris Burnham, and more!”

This is definitely a project to watch! I’m pretty excited about it already! It sounds like they have a great line-up of creators ready to contribute, and tons of fun ideas they want to develop. I’m a big fan of original creator-owned content, so this is sure to be right up my alley.

To find out more, and keep an eye out for the first issue, head over to

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