DC Comics Launches its Official Digital Comics Store!


DC Comics have just launched their official digital comics store. The store is powered by ComiXology, who also power the Marvel and Image Comics Apps (clever buggers). Of course, the DC Comics App has been around for a while, but it’s the glossy website/storefront that is new, and you can find it here: https://read.dccomics.com/comixology/#

If you’ve not used the DC Comics App before, their new and recent comics go for $2.99, while older comics are going for $0.99 or $ 1.99. There are even a few free titles, for those who like to try before they buy.

Well, there’s not much more to say about this, other than the usual comments about the price of digital comics. Personally, I think $2.99 for a recent digital comic is a little too much. Actually, looking a bit more around the site, they seem to think that $2.99 is an acceptable price for a digital issue of Dark Knight Returns. For the whole series, that adds up to $11.96 USD, or you could go buy yourself a paper copy of the TPB from Amazon for $10.19. I know which I’d prefer!

OK, I’ll not get too far into the digital vs. paper debate right now, as this is not the time and place, and I have been up working all night, and so am quite frazzled. But what I think they really need is some sort of incentive, like, buy 3 issue get 1 free, or get money off the TPB… but that’s way beyond the current system.

I’m waiting to see what happens when Dark Horse launch their digital platform, which is not based on comiXology, and as they don’t have to pay a third party, is set to sell titles at the lower price of $1.49. I imagine that will shake things up a little. See here for more news on that: http://www.hypergeek.ca/2010/10/dark-horse-comics-launches-industry-changing-digital-comics-program.html

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