Flashpoint Issues Get Digital Release Four Weeks After Print… Disappointing News!


DC Announced this morning that issues of their Flashpoint ‘event’ miniseries will be available at the DC Digital Comics Store and comiXology Apps (both available on iTunes) digitally four weeks after the print issue comes out. And they’ll be released on Fridays to coincide with The Source blog’s ‘Flashpoint Friday’. So, while the print edition of Flashpoint #1 comes out in print on May 11th, it will be released digitally on June 10th.

I can’t say that I’m overly impressed with this news. It feels like DC aren’t really putting much effort into their digital comics initiative. If they were bothered about it at all, they’d do a SAME DAY digital release. I mean, who wants to wait over 4 weeks to pick up the digital copy, especially when it’s not that much cheaper than the print version?! This is especially dumb with an Event series, because the spoilers are typically all over the internet the morning after the print version hits!

Oh well, nice try DC, but no cigar!

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