Grant Morrison Reveals Batman’s New Costume! The Yellow Symbol Returns!


Grant Morrison recently spoke to the L.A. Times (see here) about his upcoming Batman Inc. series for DC comics, which sees a returned Bruce Wayne franchising out the Batman brand to a team consisting of Dick Grayson, Knight & Squire, El Gaucho and eight others.

It’s an interesting interview, with some tasty teasers about the upcoming storyline. Most interesting of all though is that Grant unveils some exclusive David Finch artwork, which reveals Batman’s new costume. The new costumes sees a return of the yellow chest symbol, which Batman hasn’t sported for several years now.

It’s sure to stir up controversy amongst bat-fans. Personally, I prefer the big black bat. I find the yellow Symbol to be a little cheesy, and it jars with Batman’s dark image.

Here’s what Morrison had to say about the new armor:

“…all the costumes have been in constant change… You look at the difference between the costume tights that Adam West wore and the gay disco armor that was in “Batman Forever” compared to the modern, militaristic thing that Christopher Nolandoes. They are all completely different but they are all instantly recognizable as Batman.”

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One Response to “Grant Morrison Reveals Batman’s New Costume! The Yellow Symbol Returns!”
  1. PG1993 says:

    I really think that Dick Grayson should go back to his Nightwing persona with the Batman brand reverting to Bruce Wayne and his previous costume with the yellow and black bat logo and the yellow utility belt with the square buckle and both the long capsules and cylinders on them.

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