Bendis & Bagley to Collaborate on Creator-Owned Title: Brilliant


During the Cup o’ Joe panel at C2E2 this last weekend, it was announced that the long-running Ultimate Spider-Man team, of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley will be launching a new creator-owned comic series, titled Brilliant, which will come out through Marvel’s Icon imprint in July.

Bendis told fans that the series is about college geniuses “trying to see who can crack the code of superpowers first,” but it is not a superhero book, he said.

CBR caught up with Bendis and Bagley following the announcement,and learned amongst other things that:

Current plans for “Brilliant” call for the story to be told as a seven, possibly eight issue miniseries to be published bimonthly, and if readers respond to the book, the story will continue as a series of miniseries. In the initial issue, readers will be introduced to the book’s cast of college students who have already begun their quest to invent super powers.

To find out more, read the full interview, here.

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