Aspen’s Soulfire #0 and Charismagic #0 Sell Out


From the press release:

Aspen Comics is proud to announce the sell-outs at the Diamond level of their first two magical offerings of 2011, Soulfire and Charismagic. Michael Turner’s latest volume of the fantasy action-adventure series Soulfire returned on March 9th with the release of Soulfire Volume Three #0, and sold out within days of its release. Series writer J.T. Krul was enthusiastic about the response to the latest offering of Soulfire:

“Now this is the kind of “sellout” you want to be!  I am beyond thrilled about the book selling out.  If anything, it’s a testament to the amazing world Michael Turner created that I have been fortunate enough to live in for the past several years.  To everyone who picked it up, thanks for all the support.”

In addition to the sell out of Soulfire #0, Aspen is also happy to reveal the sell out of the second printing of the zero issue of their all new dark fantasy series Charismagic. Released in February, Charismagic #0 sold out at the Diamond level before even being released in stores, and the second printing has followed that response by selling out as well before its release. The Second printing of Charismagic #0 will be in stores on March 30th.

Aspen urges fans to check with their local retailers to ensure you get your copies of Charismagic #1, in stores on April 6th, and Michael Turner’s Soulfire #1 in stores on April 13th. Also, fans are encouraged to check with their local comic book store as copies of the first printings of Charismagic #0 and Soulfire #0 may still be available at the retail level.

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