Aspen’s Charismagic Sells Out and Head Back for Second Printing


From the press release:

Aspen Comics is excited to announce that the debut zero issue of their new fantasy adventure series Charismagic has sold out at the Diamond level before it’s upcoming release on February 9th. Charismagic is created and written by Vince Hernandez with character designs and illustrations by Khary Randolph and colors by Emilio Lopez. The new magical series is centered on a successful and famous Las Vegas magician, Hank Medley, who is at the top of his game. Yet, he soon discovers that magic, something he thought only existed in his fictitious show, is far more real than he ever imagined.

Series artist Khary Randolph responded to the sell out of Charismagic #0: “I’m obviously overjoyed by the news. Both Emilio and I have put a ton of work into making Vince’s world come alive and it’s been a labor of love. I’m just glad to be along for the ride.” Colorist Emilio Lopez equaled that enthusiasm: “This news is beyond anything I could have imagined.”

The new Aspen title has been well-received by industry critics. As well, comic book professionals have also chimed in on the new book, with superstar Geoff Johns saying: “Aspen has created another vibrant, beautiful and captivating take on the hidden worlds around us with Charismagic.” Best-selling author and acclaimed comic book scribe Brad Meltzer added: “Like a smart magician, Hernandez, Randolph and Lopez know that the very best part of a magic trick is getting the audience to believe. Comics and Hollywood veteran writer Jeph Loeb writes: “Charismagic is a bold, inventive title from Aspen. Vince Hernandez has created a great set up and characters, and Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez deliver smart, sexy artwork that this studio built its reputation on.”

To satisfy fan and retailer demand, Aspen is going back to press and will be releasing a second printing of Charismagic #0 in early March to coincide with the release of issue number one. The second printing features an all-new cover by Emilio Lopez. Aspen suggests fans check early with their local comic book store as copies of the first printing of Charismagic #0 may still be available at the retail level. As well, Aspen is reminding fans and retailers that copies of Charismagic #1 can still be ordered through Diamond and at their local retailer. Charismagic #1 will be in stores on March 16th.

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