The SVK Website Goes Live, and Meet the Protagonist - Thomas Woodwind.


A couple of months ago Warren Ellis announced that he’s writing a new graphic novel called SVK, which will be illustrated by Matt Booker, the British artists more commonly known as D’Israeli. The release is to be published by BERG, the London design consultancy group.

Today, BERG put up the website, which allows fans to register to receive updates on when the book is going to be published, and also lists any news and teasers about the upcoming release.

Right now there’s not too much up there, but they do have a link to a recent article on the BERG blog, where they share D’Israeli’s character designs for the book’s protagonist, Thomas Woodwind.

Here’s Warren’s character notes from an early treatment:

THOMAS WOODWIND:  I’m seeing a man of six feet or so, quite lean, with a good Patrick Stewart-ish skull fuzzed with very short pale hair. Paranoid eyes. Tending to very long black coats, probably with poacher’s pockets sewn on the inside.  A bluetooth earpiece cupping each ear, with front facing limbs (where the IR LEDS are). Also wears black gloves, I think – no fingerprints, reduction of epithelials.

According to BERG, “He’s a classic Ellis character, with a mind like a steel-trap and a sharp tongue to match. He also makes Jason Bourne look like he’s trying too hard…”

Expect more news updates to appear soon on

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