Warren Ellis & D’Israeli to Collaborate on SVK


Warren Ellis has announced that he’s going to be writing a new graphic novel, to be illustrated by Matt Booker, the British artists more commonly known as D’Israeli. The release is to be published by BERG, the London design consultancy group.

According to BERG’s blog:

It’s going to be a very beautifully-printed object – a graphic novella, drawn by one of our very favourite artists – Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker – who Warren collaborated with on “Lazarus Churchyard” back in 1991. I think I’m right in saying it’s their first major collaboration since then…

We can’t tell you too much more just yet, as they are both currently hard at work on it, but Warren describes SVK as “Franz Kafka’s Bourne Identity”.

According to Warren, SVK stands for “Surveillance, Very Kafka”, and he says of the story:

The story, concerning a recovery agent and a thing lost that should probably never have been made, is set in London.  So it has to be about surveillance at some level, as London is probably the most surveilled city in the world, one estimate pegging the level at one CCTV camera to every eight people.  At any one time, in fact, a fifth of the world’s  CCTV cameras are live in the UK.

The book is set to be released next Spring.

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