Bluewater’s ‘Isis’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Series Launch


From the press release:

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first appearance of the comic book hero Isis, Bluewater Productions announced a series of upcoming titles to feature one of the publisher’s earliest flagship characters.

Starting this month, Bluewater will be publishing three Isis graphic novels which comprise complete story arcs from vintage issues, a new two-part 10th Muse crossover special edition and the relaunch of “The Legend of Isis” as a monthly title.

“The Legend of Isis,” which debuted in September 2001 under the Image Comics “Image Introduces” flag, told the story of an ancient Egyptian lady-in-waiting transformed into the embodiment of the goddess Isis and hurled 5,000 years into the future to current day Los Angeles.

“The character Isis was a cornerstone in the company’s earliest days. She means a lot to me, so I am thrilled and gratified to be able to bring her stories back to the forefront,” said Bluewater president and character creator Darren Davis.

According to Bluewater, the trio of Isis graphic novels will include “The Return of the Scarab Queen,” (late February) “Lynx” (June) and “The Tombs of Ra” (December).

The crossover special edition title, also available in late February, pairs Isis with Bluewater’s other iconic hero, the 10th Muse. Bluewater describes the upcoming two-parter, written by Kenton Daniel and penciled by Benianimo Bradi as the wizards of the moon called Loam are desperate to rid themselves of an eldritch djinn threatening their peaceful existence. They are so desperate that they are willing to trick one god and kidnap another in order to force their assistance. Isis and 10th Muse are thrust together and are forced to make a choice — with the fate of an entire society hanging in the balance.

Additionally, Davis revealed that the Isis character was recently optioned by a Paramount Studios through the production company Grammnet (“Medium,” “Gary the Rat”) to turn the comic book into a feature film.

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