Marvel Announces $2.99 Pricepoint Limited Series


Well, I guess Marvel are finally starting to realize that many fans are just not willing to pay $3.99 an issue for their comics, especially when they are trying out something new. In the wake of DC’s announcement to reduce prices to $2.99, and a wave of reports of reduced overall comics sales for 2010, Marvel have announced a first wave of new limited series priced at $2.99.

It’s a start, but I doubt fans will be pleased until they see a reduction in the price of titles like The Avengers, Captain America, etc. .

From the press release:

I Want My $2.99!

Because you asked for it, Marvel made it happen! Here is the first wave of fantastic new limited series at $2.99 per issue. Featuring Marvel’s biggest characters and helmed by some of the industry’s most fan-favored creative teams, these limited series cover new and exciting ground from all corners of the Marvel Universe!

These new series are:

  • 5 RONIN

“Based on the feedback we’ve received from both retailers and fans, there’s a definite desire for limited series like Captain America: Hail Hydra or Hawkeye: Blind Spot to be priced at $2.99 per issue,” explains Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel. “We’re extremely impressed with the stories our writers and artists want to tell, and we’re committed to providing these book for a great price.”

Fans demanded new titles for $2.99 per issue and Marvel listened! Now it’s time to show your support for these books in your shops by asking your retailer to order them and more are sure to come! This is the start of something big at Marvel and for fans, so get onboard now!

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