Eric Powell Provides Cover for Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters, Volume 3


Rich McAuliffe over at the excellent 2000 AD resource Everything Comes Back to 2000AD, has the news that Eric Powell has been commission to supply a cover for Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters, Volume 3.

The Mega-City Masters line of trades reprints classic Dredd stories for the US Market, wrapping them up in nice covers by top US Comic industry artists - the first had a cover by Tim Bradstreet, and the second had a cover by John Romita Jr. This third volume will be released on 19th April 2011, and collects Judge Dredd stories illustrated by some of the biggest names in the business, including Steve Dillon, Kevin O’Neill, Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Andy Clarke, Frazer Irving, Jock, Guy Davis and Carlos Ezquerra amongst others.

I’m a HUGE fan of Eric Powell’s artwork, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be picking this one up, even though I own most of these stories several times over! Yeah, I know, I’m a big sucker! Damn you Tharg!

Once again, make sure head over to Rich’s site for more exclusives, as well as pretty much everything you need to know to keep up to date on the world of 2000 AD:

This pic copyright Judge Dredd © & ® Rebellion A/S

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