DC’s Raven to Become CW Series


It looks like producers are looking to create TV seriers, based around DC’s Raven character.

The series is being optioned by the CW, who are currently airing the final season of their ultra-emo Superman adaptation, Smallville.  According to Variety, the network has ordered a script for a potential pilot based on the DC Comics’ heroine, a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth.

The potential new series is to be written and executive-produced by Diego Gutierrez, who most recently co-executive produced three episodes of “V.”

In the comics, Raven (created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez)  is the daughter of a human and a demon who has the empathic ability to read emotions and divine secrets. Raven’s superhuman abilities let her steal emotions from people, absorb suffering, siphon off knowledge, and project her consciousness onto others - all of which she can use as a crime fighter.

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