AMC Orders Six Episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series


It had previously been revealed that AMC had given the greenlight to a pilot episode of a TV series based on Robert Kirkman’s Zombie survival horror, The Walking Dead (see here).

However, Variety are now reporting that AMC have ordered ordered six episodes of the series, to be written and directed by Frank Darabont.

Frank Darabont is set to executive produce the series, along with Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Motion Pictures, and David Alpert of Circle of Confusion. The series will be funded entirely in-house by AMC’s  parent company, Rainbow Media. Charles Eglee, a seasoned TV drama showrunner, has also come aboard the project, as an executive  producer.

The series will begin shooting in Atlanta, GA, in June, 2010.

According to Variety, AMC  decided to skip the pilot, and go straight into a series, after hearing Darabont’s vision for a six-episode arc, and because of the desire to tie in with “Fearfest.”

“He’s taken the baseline road map of the underlying material and just blew it out to the next level,” said Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior veep of programming, production and digital content. “There’s stuff in there that will make the people who love the comics very happy and some surprises in there as well.”

Based on the Image Comics series of the same name, created by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic tale, chronicling the travels of a group of people trying to survive in a world infested by zombies. The protagonist of the series is Rick Grimes, a small-town police officer from Cynthiana, Kentucky.

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  1. Zombies are becoming reality via H1N1 shots. Be prepared. These ARE the end days


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