The Walking Dead Premiere Receives the Highest Ratings for Any Series in AMC History!


Last night, saw the premiere episode of the AMC original series The Walking Dead, based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

The Episode, titled ‘Days Gone Bye‘ after the first story arc of the comic series, was watched by 5.3 Million viewers, which makes it the highest rated show in AMC’s history! 5.3 Million may not sound a lot compared to Prime-time TV shows, but for a cable channel, those a HUGE numbers! To put it in context, the last season of Mad Men (another AMC original) premiered with 2.92 Million viewers!

I hope you tuned into the episode, and didn’t just watch the leaked version. I actually ordered AMC HD especially so that I could watch it, and man, oh man, was I glad that I did! The Walking Dead is by far the greatest comic book adaptation that I have ever seen, hell, it’s the best zombie show/film that I’ve ever seen! George Romero, eat your heart out!

Congratulations to AMC, Frank Darabont, and everyone involved it the production. That was phenomenal!

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