AMC have provided fans with their first look at Season 2 of The Walking Dead, with the first pictures from the set of the production. The pictures are spoiler free, and to be honest, don’t really tell us much about the second season, because they’re just photos of zombies The second season of The Walking [...]

A billboard advertising company in the UK has committed what might be either one of the biggest advertising faux pas in recent memory, or perhaps the most genius marketting campaign ever! The Daily Mail is reporting that an advertising firm has been ordered to remove a billboard for AMC’s The Walking Dead, because it was [...]

The fantastic collective of comic artists that is Periscope Studios decided to have a Mad Men sketch challenges this week, and the results have been remarkable. Unsurprisingly, a LOT of artists chose to draw Joan Holloway, who is played by the stunning Christina Hendricks! To seethe original postings, and for links to buy some of [...]

According to, there is a rumour running around that Norman Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, from The Walking Dead TV show, may well be appearing in upcoming issues of The Walking Dead comic book series. Apparently Reedus himself tweeted the article on his (locked) Twitter account, and said that the character may be added to [...]

I just caught this piece of news over on AMC’s blog. It would appear that on Friday January 21st The Motion Picture Sound Editors announced their nominees for the 2011 Golden Reel Awards, and The Walking Dead was honored with a total of four nominations for Best Sound Editing: Long Form Dialogue and ADR in [...]

The 2011 Golden Globe nomination have just been announced (see here), and it looks like AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead has been nominated in the category of Best Television Series, Drama. It’s up against me pretty stiff competition though, witht the likes of Dexter and Mad Men in there too! If you give a [...]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, several popular Torrent websites are claiming that AMC‘s The Walking Dead has become the most downloaded TV show. I find this interesting, because TV companies and record labels would have us believe that downloading music, movies and TV shows means that people won’t go out and pay for the product. [...]

Executive producers Gail Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman, are denying the rumours that are being spread that the writing staff of AMC’s hit adaptation of  The Walking Dead, have been fired! Gail Anne Hurd told Entertainment Weekly that the news was “completely inaccurate,” and went on to explain, [In] the writers’ room, there are people [...]

Over on AMC’s website, Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman has been fielding fan questions about the first season of the TWD TV show. If you’re a huge TWD fan, like I am, I would highly recommend checking out the Q&A, because Kirkman answers a number of questions that I had in my own mind about [...]

Holy cow! Typically, a new series will start out with a high ratings number for its premier, then the viewers will slowly fall off as the series progresses. The Walking Dead though, has bucked this trend in a big way! The series started out with 5.4 million total views, and ended with over 6 million! [...]