Bluewater Productions Teams with Top Horror Novelist John Saul


From the press release:

Horror writer John Saul has written more than 36 novels since penning Suffer the Children in 1977. Most of these have been fixtures on the New York Times Best Seller List. Some have been turned into films and games.

But none of Saul’s horror tales have yet been transformed into comic books. This will change, though, as Saul and Bluewater Productions team up to bring two of his horror tales to the world of sequential storytelling.

Bluewater and Saul recently signed a deal to turn both The God Project and The Blackstone Chronicles into comics. Bluewater, of course, has already made a name for itself in the horror genre. The publisher is home to the critically praised Vincent Price Presents horror anthology.

Saul said that he is looking forward to experiencing yet another first in his career.

“I’ve often thought many of my novels would translate well into graphic storytelling,” Saul said. “I also have original projects that have been conceived specifically as graphic serial novels. I am thrilled to be exploring all of these ventures with Bluewater.”

Both The Blackstone Chronicles and The God Project are favorites among Saul’s fans. The God Project focuses on a curse in the town of Eastbury, Mass. Something is taking the town’s youngest children, one by one. The Blackstone Chronicles focuses on a curse of a different sort: A vacant insane asylum is scheduled to be torn down and replaced with an upscale shopping mall. But the asylum won’t fall so easily.

Darren Davis, president and founder of Bluewater Productions, said that he is excited to work with a writer of Saul’s skills. Davis, too, is a fan of Saul’s work, and has given himself more than a few sleepless nights after reading the writer’s prose.

“Working with John Saul, one of my favorite writers, is a dream come true,” Davis said. “My hope is that we can introduce John’s work to a whole new crop of readers. I’d like to make others sleep with the lights on!”

The God Project will be written by David McIntee - who has written authorized franchise novels for “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Dr Who” & “Space 1999”. The The Blackstone Chronicles will be handled by Tara Ooten & Nathan Ooten.

Bluewater Productions publishes a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels. There 1st venture with a famed novelist S.E. Hinton will be out in 3 weeks. The company has received much press attention for its series of biography comics, which have told the stories behind such luminaries and celebrities as Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Colin Powell, Lady Gaga and Rush Limbaugh. The company, though, also publishes superhero, young-adult, horror and science-fiction comics.

For more information on Bluewater, visit the company’s Web site at

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