Lieber & Parker Offer Their Creator Owned Comic Underground for Free!


So, some douche on 4chan went and posted every single page of Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker’s creator owned series Underground (see here).

Now, instead of flipping out, like most people would when their hand work had been ripped off, Steve posted the following comment:

“As for putting all the pages up here. What can I say? I get that this is how things go, and I’m trying to live in the same decade as everyone else. If nothing else, I’m flattered someone thought enough of the book to take the time to scan and post it.”

What a nice guy! Then going above & beyond the expectations of any creator, Steve and Jeff have decided to give away pdf copies of all five issues of the series on All they ask is that if you read the comic, and enjoy it, you make a donation for whatever you think it was worth. They are suggesting $5, but will accept anything.

So head here, read the issue, and make a donation I’ll smack you in the teeth if you don’t donate!), or order a copy of the TPB from your local comic shop. It’s a really good series, and I picked it up when it was in single issue format. Make sure to check out my review of issue #1 (

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