Dan Parsons Nominated for Two Inkwell Awards!


From the press release:

Dan Parsons Nominated
for Two Inkwell Awards!

Long time Star Wars inker and Killing the Grizzly client, Dan Parsons, has been nominated for two prestigious Inkwell Awards in 2010!  The categories in question are “Most Adaptable Inker” and the “S.P.A.M.I.” (for favorite “Small Press and Mainstream-Independent“).

Killing the Grizzly president, Dave Baxter reflects:

I remember Dan when he was hocking his very first independent work at a small Maryland, VA convention.  I bought everything he had there, because his work - even at that crude, early stage - was the best thing displayed at that con.

Dan has produced some amazing books since then, and worked diligently as one of the best inkers at Dark Horse for almost a decade.  If anyone deserves a little notice for his contribution to the comics he’s worked on, after all this time, it’s Dan Parsons.

Anyone who’d like to vote for Dan, can do so right here.

Samples of Dan’s Work

About Dan Parsons

Dan started out in comics in the late 1990s working part-time writing and illustrating his creator owned series Savage Planet and Harpy while also employed as a research scientist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.

In 2002, he began working steadily for Dark Horse Comics penciling and primarlily inking titles such as Star Wars: Republic, King Kong and Star Wars: Jedi.  In the early 2000′s Dan also worked on a number of projects for Topps, contributing pencilled, inked and painted illustrations for various Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trading cards sets.

More recently, Dan has been part of the creative team that introduced the acclaimed Star Wars Legacy series and has been a regular inker on Knights of the Old Republic, Clone Wars and other Star Wars titles for Dark Horse. Dan is currently inking the new Star Wars Legacy: War! series that is scheduled for release this December.

He continues to work on various independent projects and lives with his family in Bend Oregon.

About Killing the Grizzly

Killing the Grizzly is a traditional Literary Agency specializing in graphic works, as well as a production studio interested in crowd funding, interactive marketing, community engagement, and transmedia promotion.

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