Paul Cornell Takes Over as Writer of Action Comics!!!


For the last year or so, the Superman titles have been locked into a massive bank-breaking crossover event. With that event over, DC recently announced that Marc Guggenheim would be taking over writing Action Comics, something that I wasn’t too enthused about.

However, DC just announced a change to those plans, and it now looks like Paul Cornell is set to take over writing the title. Something that I am quite ecstatic about! I’ve been looking to get back into the Superman books, and I can’t wait to see Cornell’s take on the character.

Cornell will be working on the title with artist Pete Woods, and cover artist David Finch. Here’s what he had to say about his run:

“I’m proud and honored to be taking on such a historic title. It’s particularly great to begin by featuring Lex Luthor, who’s always been one of my favourite characters. So many legendary creators have written this title in the past that I’m giddy and frankly terrified at the prospect of following in their footsteps.”

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