Shocker Toys to Produce an Action Figure of Paul Grist’s Jack Staff!


Paul Grist has revealed to members of the Weird World of Jack Staff Facebook fan page (make sure you join up!) that Shocker Toys are set to produce an action figure of his Jack Staff character.

For those not in the know, Jack Staff is a British superhero created by comic book writer/artist Paul Grist. Billed as “Britain’s Greatest Hero”, the series is known for being in the style of an anthology title and for its multi-linear plotlines. Grist created Jack Staff basing on a story which he had written to make use of Marvel’s Union Jack character, only to be rejected. He reworked the story to make it more of an original, self-contained comic that Grist published through his own press, Dancing Elephant Press. After twelve issues in black and white, Grist restarted the title with Image Comics, where it was printed in full colour.

Jack Staff is soon to reappear on shelves in a brand new series from Image Comics called The Weird World of Jack Staff, which is sure to be fantastic, so keep an eye out for it in your local comic store!

The figure is pictured below in various stages of production, and should be released in April. The figure is part of Shocker’s ‘Indie Spotlight’ line, it will be 6 inches tall, and comes with extra hands and stick accessory. The cost is set at $19.00, and it can be ordered from:

Grist also told fans that he is hoping to have some to sell at the Bristol Comics Expo in May.

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