Lawyer Orders to Destroy All Copies of ‘Celebrity Showdown Olivia Munn’


The online retailer have been ordered by a lawyer to destroy all copies of ‘Celebrity Showdown Olivia Munn‘. Here is the letter that they received:

Here is the response that Heavy Ink President Travis Corcoran sent back:

From: tjic
Subject: Olivia Munn


Re: your letter of 4 February 2022 regarding

I write to clear up some misconceptions.

First, the item offered for sale is not “our” comic book – it is
created by a third party and offered for sale through our website.

I have never heard of Olivia Munn until you brought her to my
attention, but a quick web search turns up a Wikipedia article
describing her thusly
Olivia Munn (born Lisa Olivia Munn) is an American actress, model
and television personality.

and her self promoting web page at

where she displays near topless pictures and links to a cover shot at
Maxim magazine.

Given these two websites, it is clear that she is a public figure. As
a public figure, the use of her likeness meets the tests for the
parody copyright exception set forth in both Campbell v. Acuff-Rose
Music, Inc. and the more recent Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin.

As such, we have no intention of taking down our webpage, destroying
any inventory, or refusing to offer the comic for sale.

If you have any further comments you may reach me at this email

Travis Corcoran, President
Heavy Ink

To see how the story progresses keep an eye on the Heavyink forums.

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