Marvel Releases a Fifth Avengers #1 Teaser Image, Featuring Thor


Marvel Comics has released another teaser image for their new Avengers series, which is titled “I Am An Avenger“, and features Thor.

The new Avengers series is part of Marvel’s ‘The Heroic Age‘ event, and will feature the original Avengers lineup of Captain America, Iron-Man, and Thor. The series will debut with Avengers #1 in May, which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis, with artwork by John Romita Jr.

This is the fifth teaser image for the new series, to see the other images, click the links below.

This means that the team line-up so far is:

Captain America (see here)
Spider-Woman (see here),
Iron Man (see here),
Hawkeye (see here),

With more to follow.

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