Trawling the Internets - Issue #4


Well, I don’t have a heck of a lot to post about this week. It has been a relatively slow week in the comic book industry, apart from Frank Miller’s douchbaggery that is. Also, I only got back into doing this on Wednesday, so I might have missed a few interesting things, because I didn’t have my eyes peeled.

Let’s start out with a few bits of Alan Moore related news:

  • Leah Moore and John Reppion discovered a box of signed copies of AARGH in Alan Moore’s basement. So,they put them up for sale on their blog. I ordered one pretty damn quickly, and the rest sold out within hours. This was due in part to the assistance of Rich Johnston, who pimped the sale out around various forums and social networking website. Can’t wait to get my copy!
  • Someone on ebay was selling the Complete Bojeffries Saga. An Alan Moore item I don’t have. I have a few of the Warrior Magazines it was in, but not the collected edition. Did I buy it? Nope, I forgot when the auction closed, and missed it! Damn!. If anyone out there has one they can sell, or knows when I can get one that isn’t stupidly expensive, please let me know.

My favourite thing is that it says “Mask pictured is the mask you will receive”. So. let me get this straight. I’m paying $50 for a used sex mask?????? Gross! Erm, did I say “I’m paying”…erm… moving on!

In other news:

  • Would you like some really stupid looking Superman or Batman sneakers? No, neither would I. At first I thought they were for kids, but at $110 a pair anyone who gets these for their kids would need their heads looking at!
  • Simon Spurrier is writing a new novel. He wrote a nice long post all about the process, which was extremely interesting. What was more interesting though is that some joker came onto his blog and asked if he would write a review of their product, the Peloop. The Peloop is a male enhancement device, they asked Simon to try one and endorse it, or GET A FRIEND to try it, and report on it. I just had to respond.

Cover Previews

Cover to Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2 by Gabriel Bá:

Cover to Absolution #1 by Juan Jose Ryp:

Covers to Welcome to Hoxford #4 by Ben Templesmith:

Webcomics Updated This Week:

  • Freak Angels Episode #27
  • Edgar Allen Poo episode #88 - The latest page of Dwight’s Harvey nominated classic.
  • Imaginary Boys - Cool new fantasy comic on Zuda. Created by Yamatai, Last updated on September 12th
  • High Moon - by David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, and Scott O Brown. High moon is Western Period horror comic. Yes, that is just as cool as it sounds!!!! Last Updated on September 9th.
  • Melody - by Iilias Kyriazis. Last Updated September 11th.
  • Bayou - A gorgeous dark fantasy/horror tale by Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan. Updated September 10th.
  • The Black Cherry Bombshells - Really odd tale about Ultra-violent girl gangs and zombies. By John Zito & Anthony Trovarello. Last Updated September 10th.
  • Street Agents - Dean Haspiel’s Zuda hosted Street comic. Last updated September 12th
  • Celadore - by Caanan Grall. A new Fantasy comedy comic. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

If you come across anything interesting while browsing the net, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know. It would make my Sunday evenings a lot more relaxed

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