It was another Double Whammy this week, as I skipped the store last week. I should really stop doing that, because two weeks worth of comics is enough to give me a real injury while walking home from the store ) From Wed 17th: Action Comics #869 All Star Superman #12 Batman and the Outsiders [...]

You may remember that last month I did a sneak peek of the iPhone/iPod touch comic Murderdrome by Al Ewing and PJ Holden. Sadly, Murderdrome was rejected from Apple’s Application store for not meeting their community standards. Not deterred by this, the guys at Infurious Comics went back to the drawing board (pun not intended) [...]

The ceremonies were held tonight (Saturday 27th September 2008) in Baltimore, as part of the Baltimore Comic-Con. The Master of Ceremonies for the awards dinner and presentation once again was the wonderful and hilarious Kyle Baker. Here are this year’s winners: Best Writer Brian K. Vaughan | Y: The Last Man | DC Comics Best [...]

This is a general shipping list as sent out by Diamond Distribution to all stores in North America. Availability in your area may vary, so please check with your local comic store. All data was provided courtesy of Chris Nolan and his Comic Books Beta Facebook application. Please hover over each title for information on [...]

I received this Ashcan of Nexus #101 from Steve Rude a few weeks back, just after I moved house. I only just got around to reading it, so I thought it might be interesting to do an advance review for the site. So, without Further ado: Up for Review - Nexus #101: Space Opera Act [...]

Original article From CBR: In 1980, Ronald Reagan was first elected President of the United States, Han Solo was dunked in a carbon-freezing chamber, and America discovered who shot J.R. It was also the last time living comics legend Denny O’Neil wrote an issue of DC Comics’ “Batman” or “Detective Comics.” That all changes in [...]

Yep, it is official, I am a DOUCHE! Last week I proclaimed that I would bring the site back, did a few bits and pieces, then…. pretty much did nothing. I have an excuse though, I started my new job on Monday. I think the toll of buying a house, moving, having a big biking [...]

Hi guys, I’m blogging from my iPhone, which seems to be insanely difficult. If you see two shipping lists, don’t worry, the previous contains code that makes it contain that current week’s shipping list, and I’m giving it a link on the top menu. I’ll still issue the regular weekly one though, so there is [...]

Well, I don’t have a heck of a lot to post about this week. It has been a relatively slow week in the comic book industry, apart from Frank Miller’s douchbaggery that is. Also, I only got back into doing this on Wednesday, so I might have missed a few interesting things, because I didn’t [...]