Robert Kirkman is Becoming a Partner at Image Comics


Thanks to Matt Fraction for the link to this New York Times article

According to the article:

Mr. Kirkman was asked to join Image in part to reward him for his commitment to putting out his creations through the company for several years, said Eric Stephenson, who was promoted to publisher of Image last month. “Beyond that, Robert has a pretty strong vision of what he wants to do and what comes he wants to make,” Mr. Stephenson said

The official announcment is set to be made this weekend at SDCC. Robert Kirkman is reported as saying:

“This is kind of a big deal for me,” … “Image Comics as a company was founded by comic book creators for comic book creators.”

I’m not hugely surprised at this, because Walking Dead has been the top selling Image book for a couple of months now, and I don’t think Invinsible is too far behind. It’s good news though, both for Kirkman, and the company.

Damn, 29 years old? I’m 29 years old, what a crushing thought. I’m off to drink my self to sleep:)

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