The Daily Review - UBU BUBU #2


Up for review this morning: UBU BUBU #2
Writer/Artist: Jamie Smart

Most of you will have no idea what this comic is. It is pretty obscure, so it is no surprise. I picked this up on recommendation from Warren Ellis. It was featured in his news letter a few weeks ago, but I only just managed to rustle up a copy.

The concept of the comic is that “when an innocent cat is possessed by a brutal malevolent daemon, they become UBU BUBU, reaper of human souls and destroyer of innocents! Turning an ordinary home into hell H.Q. and imprisoning the terrified kids who lived there, UBU BUBU begins his horrific rampage of slaughter and destruction under the command of mysterious ringmaster Stig. For this is only the beginning, humanity, the apocalypse itself is edging closer and much evil will slap you about before it gets here. Most of it from UBU BUBU’s mouth.”

The point of the comic is that the apocalypse is coming, and the righteous will ascend to Heaven. UBU BUBU has come to Earth to collect these souls for Hell before they get a chance.

Sound crazy, well, it is, really, really crazy. If you’ve every read Lenore, this comic might feel a little familiar to you, with the cute cat doing terrible things. But this comic goes so much further than Lenore would ever dare. In this issue UBU BUBU invites all the kids in the neighborhood to a birthday party for the boy who lives in the house, with the aim of slaughtering them all. He then vomits up some Nazi Skeletons and floods the house with blood to have a sexy Nazi pool party. The Nazis then proceed to crucify all the children. UBU BUBU gets bored and consumes everyone except the children who live in the house, who he needs for some unknown plan.

There are a couple of smaller tales in here too, with all sorts of crazy happenings, such as: a wrestler who eats his own body to get rid of bugs under his skin; UBU BUBU giving the children hundreds of severed heads as a gift; a pop star having her face ripped off; a little girl who is allergic to horses being tied to a horse, and her body inflaming to gigantic proportions; a pestilence daemon making a woman vomit all over disabled children.

This is really fucked up stuff, but 100% entertaining with it. It is also from a British writer, which is a bonus.

Grade: 8 out of 10 Nazi Skellingtons

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