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This morning’s review is of Wolverine #66 - Old Man Logan Part 1 (of

It’s been a while since I picked up Wolverine , so I wasn’t sure if I would get this, especially as Marvel seem to feature Wolverine in every damn title nowadays. I’m very glad I did though. Millar has decided to play around with a really clichĂ©d, and cheesy, old concept here of a future Marvel Universe where the bad guys have won, and are now in control. However, Millar is brilliant though at taking things that are cheesy and actually making them fun! Wolverine is now and old man who lives on a farm with his family, he now goes by Logan and pays rent on his property to the rulers of this part of the states ‘The Hulk gang’. After Wolverine can’t pay his rent the Hulk Gang turn up, who it turns out are the evil descendants of Bruce Banner, and are like Red Neck versions of the Hulk, one even has a “Green Neck” cap on! Wolverine takes a beating from the gang and is told to pay his rent double next month. Later in the issue Hawkeye (who is now blind) turns up and offers Logan several months rent money just to navigate him as he drives across the country. The pair then set off on their journey. This issue is just brilliant fun. Millar is being cheesy, but he knows it, he is just having fun with silly things like a Spidey-mobile, and blind Haweye who insists on driving, and Green-Neck Hulk descendants.

A future ruled by evil is something Millar has explored before in Wanted, and his buddy Grant Morrison is currently exploring over at DC with Final Crisis, but he does it quite differently here. Millar seems to be on a silver age revival at the moment, as evidenced by his current run of Fantasic Four, and Marvel 1985. Apparently all 3 of these titles are going to join together into one big storyline, so I’ll look forward to seeing him pull that one off.

On the artwork front Steve McNiven provides some of the best pages I have ever seen from him, way better than his art on Civil War. Check out his double spread map of the new USA in the middle of the book. Also check out the names of the different regions and towns, they are hilarious.

This book was a laugh-riot. It might not be for everyone, but if you want to sit down for 15 minutes of pure fun then pick this up, you won’t regret it.

Grade: 8 out of 10

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