Previewing September


Well, I had a flick through Previews last night and had a check for what new stuff is coming in September. Here is my “I want” list:


Epilogue (IDW) - A New series by Steve Niles, nuff’ said!
Stormwatch PHD (Vertigo)- Returning with Ian Edington as writer. I love Ian Edington’s crazy wacky stories in 2000 A.D. so I’ll give this a try. It is also written by Gage, but what Wildstorm title isn’t.

Mini Series:

Back to Brooklyn (Image) - New crime series by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti
Dark Tower: Treachery (Marvel) - More Dark Tower goodness
The Dead (Beserker) - Simon Bisley and Alan Grant with Glen Fabry on cover art. Buy it!
Greatest Hits(vertigo) - British hero comic. It looks a little cheesy, but I like Glen Fabry’s art.
M-Theory #1 of 3 - Start of a new 3 part pulp sci-fi mini series by Dwight L. MacPherson and Bruce Brown
The Stand: Captain Trips (Marvel) - The start of Marvel’s attempt to adapt Stephen King’s largest and most complex novel. Good luck!
Welcome to Hoxford (IDW) - New Ben Templesmith comic, it looks really good.
X-Men: Manifest Destiny (Marvel) - Could be fun!
Youngblood: Bloodsport (Image) - This Mark Millar penned series comes back after a several year hiatus

One shots:

Untouchable: Blood and Bone (virgin) - A one-shot written by Mike Carey
X-Men Origin: Beast(Marvel) - A Best one-shot by Mike Carey


Camelot 3000 Deluxe Edition - Finally DC are going to reprint this classic!
The Graveyard book - A new Neil Gaiman OGN
Jack Kirby’s Demon Omnibus - Same thing DC did with the Fourth World book last year, could be good
Joker HC - A Joker OGN by Brain Azzarello
Red Rocket 7 - A nice reprint of the classic Mike Allred Series
Speak of the Devil - I missed this series by Gilbert Hernandez, so I’m going to grab the trade
Watching the Watchmen - A New Look Behind the scene of the making of Watchmen (not the movie) by Dave Gibbons


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2 Responses to “Previewing September”
  1. atomicker says:

    These days I’m happy if I can get even two or three sure things out of the monthly Previews. :/ I’m definitely going to pick up the new Red Rocket 7 collection though — I missed out on that completely the first time it saw print.

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Yeah, that is a big month, I’ll not buy all the collected editions that month though, that would break the back. I’ll get them at a later date most likely

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