The (Extra) Daily Review - Trinity #5 + #6


Due to a screw up at Diamond, my LCS missed out on loads of comics last week, so I got both these issues at the same time. Since nothing really happened in either of them, I’ll review them both at the same time.

writer: Fabian Nicieza
writer: Kurt Busiek
penciler: Mark Bagley + more

I’m going to keep it brief tonight, as it is late, I am tired, and I am in a miserable mood over a potential disaster that could destroy my wife and I’s hopes and dreams tomorrow. Oh well, I won’t pull you guys down with me

OK, so the plot is that in #5 the trinity take down Konvict, the tarot girl gets attacked by some Z list villains, her buddy turns out to be a vigilante called Gang Buster, who saves the day. Then, in #6 there is a lots of talk about why the trinity are a trinity, tarot girl gets kidnapped, and Gang Buster teams up with Hawkman. I just saved you $6!

Other than that nothing really happens, It wasn’t bad, but I did actually drop asleep for a few minutes while reading #6. I read 52, I even read all the way though the crap-fest that was Countdown to Final Crisis. After 6 issues this is failing to wow me, which is a real shame because I love everyone involved in this project, with the excepting of Scott McDaniel. Then again, I like chocolate spread, and I like Marmite, that doesn’t mean that Marmite and chocolate spread on toast will be a good thing. Yik! I’m going to let it hit #7, the magic number, before I decide whether to drop it. Sigh! DC, why do you do this? Do you not want my money?

Grade: 5 out of 10 - You should just go read a bus timetable, it is just about as memorable

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